Lasting Lips

When it comes to lipstick, the most difficult, yet desired trick is how to make it last. After my first attempt with Mac’s Russian Red I quickly reached out to my good friend Alex for a couple tips. She directed me to a video by Shaaanxo, which can be seen below. She had some amazing tips that I have developed into my own routine for a lasting look that lasts all day!

Living in Canada, winter is a rough time for lips. It’s essential to moisturize your lips if you want your lipstick to keep all day (Stay tuned for a post on curing winter lips). After moisturizing, blot the excess off using a tissue so your lips feel lush, but not sticky.

The next step is to blank out our natural lip colour. By using a powder foundation, use a brush to dab the powder across your lips. The moisturizer should provide a base for the foundation to stick.

Next step is to outline the lips. While some use a coloured lip liner to outline their lips, I personally prefer to use a clear liner. My go to has been no bleeding lips by No Cosmetics. Using this, or your lip liner of choice, outline your lips. Doesn’t have to be perfect, after all it’s clear.

Now we can begin to apply our colour. I generally start by making an ‘X’ across the cupid’s bow, from there, carefully glide the lipstick along the upper edges. Don’t worry about perfection, we will fix it later! Next fill in the bottom lip and again, don’t worry about perfection.

Lastly, using a lip brush pick up some of the lipstick, and carefully line the edges. If you get a little colour crazy or slip us, just grab a tissue, fold it in half once or twice, and use the edge to clean up any splotchy edges.

Congrats! Take a look in the mirror, and smile.


If you’re unhappy with your result, don’t stress, you can always try again! Practice makes perfect! I still have days that I just can’t get it right, but once you figure it out, you won’t want to take those red lips off at the end of the day.

For more interactive visuals, take a look at the video that inspired me below by Shaaanxo.

5 thoughts on “Lasting Lips

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      I tend to only outline my lips with the invisible lip liner. I find using the powder to white out your lips tends to replace the job of filling it in with lip liner. However doing so can only help your lips last longer–It is totally your preference.


  1. Lauren, this was super helpful! After reading your post and watching your suggested video, I now know I really need to invest in a decent lipliner. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for next week.


  2. Hi Lauren

    This seems very useful. It is the worst when you apply lipstick and it bleeds, especially on to your teeth and face. I have a lot of trouble with winter lips. Mine are always so dry! Maybe you can do a post of that.

    Cool post!


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