Best Looks at the 58th Grammy Award’s

From Taylor Swift’s empowering acceptance speech to Adele shining through a technically flawed performance, the many female artists at the the 58th Grammy Awards showed their talents. These strong women have fought and worked tooth and nail to get to where they are today, and it shows! Equalling their talent is certainly their beauty, and the 2016 Grammy’s red carpet looks should not go unnoticed! While some stars aimed to stand out, others highlighted their natural beauty.

Below are a few of my favourites!

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Taylor Swift
She’s “got that red lip classic thing” that we all like, and those fiery orange-red lips certainly stole the show! Congrats to T-Swift for not only winning 3 Grammy Awards, but also showcasing the best bold lips of the night!

Embed from Getty Images

Carrie Underwood
If there was a Grammy for best eyelashes, Carrie Underwood has it in the bag! Those lashes help emphasize her smoky eye making those big bold hazel eyes twinkle. The intensity  is perfectly balanced with a low-key nude lip creating a timeless look.

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Ciara showed up to the Grammy’s highlighting all her assets. While her dress didn’t leave much to the imagination, her flawless glowing complexion is a perfect example of how minimal makeup can have a maximum impact. Highlighting her lips with a little bit of gloss, Ciara shows us how beautiful our natural lip colour can be.

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Making an epic comeback with her new single, Adele said ‘Hello’ to the paparazzi sporting a sleek tousled lob, rosy cheeks, and light pink glossy lips. Adding a bit of drama to her fresh-faced look is her dark cat eyed liner, and bold brows. Thank you Adele for showing us what true beauty looks like!

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Andra Day
Tying her vintage look together with a fur lapel, emerald green mermaid dress, and structured curls, Andra Day took us back in time. Finishing this look are her triple threat lips: red, ombre, and matte! Can you say #Lipgoals?

Agree? Disagree? Comment below letting me know your favourite red carpet look from the Grammys!

3 thoughts on “Best Looks at the 58th Grammy Award’s

  1. I agree with Kathleen, Adele was definitely my favorite. I love the look of your blog Lauren. You’ve done a really good job in terms of aesthetics, and content!


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