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Last week, I shared my favourite make-up looks from the Grammys. However, I withheld my personal favourite so I could dedicate a whole post to her, and the product line she used for her flawless lips. Let’s give a round of applause for Kaley Cuoco!

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For a complete overview of the products Jamie Greenberg used to create Kaley’s look, check out her blog Jamie Makeup.

Drawing attention to—you guessed it—her lips. The reason I want to focus on Kaley’s soft pink lips is because they were created using ColourPop Cosmetics, hands down one of my favourite cosmetic companies. Their products are packed with pigment giving your eyes, cheeks, and lips a dramatic effect.

On her lips, Kaley is wearing Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park, and liner (or Lippie Stick) in BFF.

While I don’t have any person experience on either of these exact products, a few months ago I ordered four Ultra Matte Lip colours in:


While I will say I was slightly disappointed with the colours as they were darker than I expected, I was blown away by the quality of these products! I absolutely LOVE matte lip colours, and this is by far thee best choice for a completely matte finish.

Before applying, I do recommend moisturizing well before hand, and dabbing off the excess. This product is extremely dry, so anything to help keep your lips hydrated will help them last!  Using a lip liner will also help the product from smudging during initial application.

The Ultra Matte Lip goes on similar to a lip gloss, and feels almost like a paint. It will dry within seconds, so be very careful as you apply because once it dries it doesn’t really come off.
ColourPop_Ultra_Mattes.jpegOnce applied, the product will stay on as long as you desire. It will easily last all day with a reapplication once or twice throughout the day—especially after eating. 

But overall, ColourPop Cosmetics has made an amazing product in vast range of colours from soft nude pinks, to reds, blues, and even black! 

If you haven’t tried these products, it’s worth making an order!


3 thoughts on “ColourPop Cosmetics

  1. I’ve also ordered bumble, I really hope that I will manage to cover it with thin layer because I don’t want a dark color 😦 Good review!


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