Beating Winter Lips

Living in Canada, Winter seems to last half of the year. I seriously question why I still live where the air hurts my face, but I digress. 

One of the worst parts of winter is how dry and chapped my lips get. Every Winter they dry up and become so sore I smother them in lip chap that never really seems to have long term effects. However, with my new found love of lipstick, I’ve needed to find ways to keep my lips smooth and hydrated to ensure my lip colour stays on, and doesn’t look…well…gross.

Below are some of the tricks I’ve used to avoid winter lips, and keep them feeling smooth and hydrated all winter long!

Keep an old toothbrush on hand!toothbrushlips

In doing so, you have a tool that will help you literally brush away your dead skin. Without wetting it, gently rub the dry bristles across your lips loosening up the dead skin. Sounds gross, but trust me, it works wonders!

Use a damp wash cloth

A little bit of a harsh way to remove dead skin, but has always worked for me. After using the toothbrush method, take a damp wash cloth and applying a decent amount of pressure, rub it across your lips.

Aloette’s Sooth n’ SmoothExfoliate_lips

This has been a long time favourite of mine. It contains two steps, one with a white grainy paste that helps to exfoliate your lips, and one that moisturizes being a lip balm.

Drink Water!

 It almost seems too easy, but keeping your body hydrated in the cold, dry weather will do wonders not only for how you feel physically, but how your lips look as well!

Balm it upMoisturize_lips

Nothing special or unique here, but lip balm is essential! I always load up before bed so my lips get a good shot of moisture as my body rests. However, be careful. Not all lip chaps/balms are going to do good. Check out this page from the Swedish Covenant Hospital to see which ingredients to look for, and which to avoid.

p.s. My personal favourites are The Body Shops Vitamin E Lip Care Stick with SPF 15, and of course Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Tube.

I certainly hope these tips are able to help you and your lips get through winter. Try them out, and let me know how it goes!

11 thoughts on “Beating Winter Lips

  1. Coming to Canada from a country (India), which is completely opposite climate wise, winter kills me, I enjoy it but it is difficult to get used to. I face problem keeping my lips moisturized, now after reading this blog post, I think cleaning out the dead skin really helps. I will try to do that. Thanks.


  2. I definitely never would have thought to brush my lips with a toothbrush to prevent getting chapped lips, but that’s a cool tip! I’m a Chapstick man myself, and always go with the original/unflavoured one. Great post!


  3. I will definitely try these tips, I have the case of the dry lips from being in the hot weather down in Cuba. Hopefully these tips work!


  4. Love the toothbrush tip! I get horribly dry lips each winter and usually rely on Chapstick, however I’ll definitely have to try some of these other tips!


  5. I tried many different lip treatments before, but my lip still will dry in the Canada’s winter time. I will try these tips, I hope it would be helpful for me.


  6. I have a real problem with winter in Canada, as not being from here I face dryness problems with my lips. I will surely use your tips from now on.


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